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Illuminate ALL that you are. Your empowerment. Your self-knowing. Your promise. Let’s connect and have a conversation that awakens you to your fullest potential….your intrinsic nature.

The only way to assure your future is to create it.

I’ve been passing my time remembering my future.

How are you passing time? Are you spending time remembering your future?… or are you in the daily routine of reliving your past.  Pick one ~ You are in charge ~ always 🖤


Illuminated Soul Readings

Through my enlightening approach we will illuminate your Self… your Soul. We can draw from the tools of Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot to shed light on your promise in this lifetime. We will discover your power areas, your challenges, and yes, even those icky parts you wish you could change about yourself. They are ALL loveable!

Let’s have a conversation to wake you up to your fullest potential. It’s my honor to assist you in getting on solid ground through loving yourself, so when life delivers, you will quickly regain your footing.

Graduate of Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology program, Level 3
Professionally-trained Numerologist and Tarot reader.

About Me

Since I can remember I have gazed up, always pondering and wondering what was beyond the dark skies filled with stars. Much like many of you.

Behind my quest to dive deep into spiritual fitness lies a backbone of physical fitness.

I have years of experience studying and analyzing body movement as a professional dance instructor, performer and choreographer. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Grey Cook FMS Level 2, and hold an Advanced Level STOTT PILATES® certification.

“It was an incredible session.”

Colleen is a highly skilled and educated astrologer.  She used her strong intuitive abilities to shed light on challenging areas of my life and places where I get stuck.  She is a gifted coach, and she gave me effective tools to use to navigate through those challenging areas.  I now understand how a few major life events have weaved their threads into my current life’s tapestry.  I felt deeply seen and heard.  This was truly an incredible healing and transformative experience.

– Shivam K.

Mindfulness Facilitator


“Colleen was incredibly insightful.”

Colleen and I spent an hour together as she gave me an Applied Astrology reading. It was an incredible session. I’ve received readings before that were interesting and offered value. This session, however, was that and then some! Colleen offers more than the basics. She was incredibly insightful and took the reading to the next level. I felt very seen and understood, and she completed the session with a plan for how to use the information to move forward. Colleen is truly an expert in her field.

– Kathryn G.
Master Certified Coach

“Colleen is an inspiration!”

A truly intuitive and gifted lightworker with unending depths of wisdom and knowledge to share. My astrology reading was very precise and accurate with what I am currently working to master and integrate in my own healing journey. She embodies a bright and pure essence with the ability to heal through her wisdom, in-depth insights, and most importantly, a heart inspired desire to improve the lives of others through her work.

– Mariah B

Founder and CEO of The Enzo Academy

& One Precious Light

My Writings

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.” – Brene Brown

Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun

I’ve succumbed to the notion of not looking for our transitioned loved ones where we ‘want’ them to be, or when we’re sad. They will never be ‘there’, and will never reveal themselves within those emotions ~ souls that have transitioned on do not vibrate at those lower energies.



Water runs deep… to the depths of our souls. And on a new Scorpio Moon (Thur, Nov 4, 2:14 PST) it’s about as deep as it gets! It’s fluid, it’s sensitive, it’s mystical, and it’s often untapped, intense, and overwhelming.


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