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We Don’t Know What We Don’t know

What I’m about to share are a couple profound experiences (teachings!) I witnessed as a young adult. It is with sincere thanks to my family for always allowing me to be who I AM. And for the courage in each of you to always be with ‘what is’.

I Call BS

Alright, I’ve been wanting to get this in ink for quite awhile. I’m calling BS. Technically I’ve written about this topic in various ways over the years but this time, well, it may feel harsh, direct, or not as gentle as usual, but… it’s time.

Sensitive & Feely

The body… the emotional body. We cannot slide out of it. It’s part of all THIS experience. So often, probably more often than I’d like, I get a rush of emotions, energy, currents that take over all my senses.

Turn Your Love Inward

I received the most astounding beautiful message today. In every cell of my being and beat of my heart, I know it is for ALL women out there.