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Sensitive & Feely

The body… the emotional body. We cannot slide out of it. It’s part of all THIS experience. So often, probably more often than I’d like, I get a rush of emotions, energy, currents that take over all my senses.

Turn Your Love Inward

I received the most astounding beautiful message today. In every cell of my being and beat of my heart, I know it is for ALL women out there.

Crooked Souls

There’ve been a couple tough situations in my life that required me to sort and sift through deep emotional wounds that seemed to be void of closure.

Riding Shotgun

I’ve succumbed to the notion of not looking for our transitioned loved ones where we ‘want’ them to be, or when we’re sad. They will never be ‘there’, and will never reveal themselves within those emotions ~ souls that have transitioned on do not vibrate at those lower energies.