With not much Fire in the sky these days, I’m called to talk about Fire 🔥!

That’s my younger Fire self in full action!! Fire is filled with passion, action, creativity, pride, adventure, curiosity, and optimism. Fire is also an element we are often afraid of, or taught to be afraid of.

Another part of Fire can show up as impulsiveness, bluntness, and anger.  I know this all too well!… Even though I’m a double water sign my chart is filled with Fire.  

Anger was my go-to emotional coping mechanism as a kid. I’ve not only been in continual practice of softening my anger but also embracing its amazing benefits. If not for the Fire in my chart I swear I’d be a crying, sensitive, depressed mess tucked-in under my blankets at home never wanting to leave to avoid feeling all the swirling energies of the world around me…. Oh lordy, my Pisces Sun & Cancer Moon! Thank you Aries Rising!

So I love those that, like myself, come in wired with their roaring passion and spiciness! Especially when we’ve learned to come into our hearts and use anger for conscious acts. It’s ok to embrace your Fire when it shows up as anger because it’s usually the first signal that something is amiss and a boundary has been crossed.

Finding the balance is key, and although not intentional, it’s good to check in when we might be using it as a weapon. When we’ve stumbled into a rub with a friend or family member and we feel angry, are we able to be with it and explore the boundary that has been muddied and bring it to the relationship for discussion? Or do we just hold it in tight and resent them, or stir up the ‘I’ll get them back’ attitude?

Fire is an amazing transformational agent. It’s a spiritual power. So try not to be alarmed or afraid when you feel anger in your body. It is a boundary show-er and can be a part of healing. The Fire element is often exactly what you need to get you into the action, decision, or direction for your life. Remember, Fire fights for Love… it fights for passion!

Big Love 🖤

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