Gifts of Healing

I’ve recently been granted three shining angels in my life…or are they the Three Wise Men

In biblical history these noble pilgrims followed a miraculous guiding star to pay homage to Jesus. They presented three gifts of spiritual meaning; gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Gold symbolizes virtue, frankincense prayer, and myrrh a symbol of death.

The gifts given to me were offered unconditionally, of the highest and purest intent to support. To me, they symbolize much more than gifts. They are healings. Each of these noble men may not realize the depth of their giving.

The gift of my innate self-worth was returned to me. This alone is worth its weight in Gold. In divine timing, an angelic presence that has lifted our family in the past, opened his wings once again to extend support. They could sense my desire to maintain my integrity… to do what was right, not what was easy. They were witness to the hand I was dealt. With a caring heart they championed my courage and put the ‘oomph’ back in my spirit. I felt their deep compassion, I was moved. I will always strive to keep my head down in solutions and my feet to the grind of my human work, but every now and again we need someone to throw us a rope and a flashlight to assist in the climb back up.

I feel worthy.

When I received my Dad’s message of support I felt a prayer answer and a flood of tears. Frankincense, in the Bible, was burned in temples throughout the East as spiritual incense. But it is also known as a modern day benefit to improve asthma. I could breathe again!! It’s funny how the deepest wounds that have tripped us up can be the ones that rise our cork to the surface when we least expect it… and need it most. In my early years my Dad was not always the one I looked to for help or rescue, but this Coastie has shown up and stood up for me in the past few years as my lighthouse in the fog. He has shined a light on my darkness.

There’s so much healing in empathy. My Dad has gifted me with the bridge of my adult and inner child. I am so grateful for the man he is!

I feel Loved.

In the weeks passing I could sense a theme of death. A death of an outdated and played out narrative that I can’t rely on anyone, and I’m always going at life alone. I was tossing around how I could juggle it all and remain intact. Until this smile showed up and said they had a solution. Coming from this open-hearted soul who has always ‘seen’ me, I felt the silo of self-reliance start to crumble. Experiencing this soul’s desire to swing wide open the barn door to the silo I had imprisoned myself within was humbling.

Myrrh represents His humanity, and because one of its uses is embalming, myrrh suggests death and burial. Well, it is time to bury that belief. I was tangled in years of a practiced belief that I’m alone. The death of a conditioned thought that is no longer serving is an absolute gift! The practice of this life is cyclical…. birth, death, rebirth. It’s within these cycles I’ve fallen down, been bruised, broken, and defeated. But I rise.

I feel supported.

These Magi, these three wise men, offered me a soft, protective, and caring place to fall when I was concerned about what I might encounter at the bottom of the well I was tumbling down.

Thank you.
Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and standing next to me.
Thank you for restoring my trust in Love.
Thank you for recognizing the journey I’ve trekked.
Thank you for your faith in me to recharge and rise again from the ashes.

So who says miracles aren’t possible.

Never give up a second before the miracle arrives! It always arrives in the most unknown and unexpected way… when you least expect it.

So I beg of you in this heightened time of gratitude. Who can you acknowledge and show gratitude for a miracle delivered? How can you be a lighthouse to someone’s distress signal?… There is no miracle too small.

Pick up the phone, tell someone you Love them. Share a special memory with someone you care about. Let your heart expand to forgive that person you’ve held tightly in bondage to the past.

And give thanks to your own soul, your own heart, your own body… for always being there even when you do not give it attention.

Every new day is a miracle. It’s a gift to be here, in this physical body, on this abundant planet.

Sending out Love to everyone, wherever you are… may you be a beacon of light.

Big Love 🖤

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