How are we showing up?

How are we showing up? I am only as good as my clients. And honestly, I have learned more from my clients about life then I can teach them about training. We have clients, of all ages, that have walked through multiple diagnosis of cancer, chemo treatments, radiation, bone marrow transplants, liver transplants, lung transplants, head injuries that have resulted in miraculous survival, cycling accidents, progressive dis-eases, head-on and traumatic car collisions, pins, screws, plates and replacements in every joint possible in the body – and not to leave out life’s challenges, stresses, and emotional roller-coasters that continue to deliver.
I call these people my “Terminators”. Why? Because they keep showing up!! They show up with their best self. They show up with a smile on their face. They show up with a passion for life. Daily I am in awe, and I am inspired! Which leads me to the question ~ how am I showing up in MY life? In MY relationships? Herein lies the inquiry….. will YOU inquire?

Big love. ♥

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