Once in a Lifetime Energy…

⚡️ We can go on about life as it is AND create a new one simultaneously.  It will be different for everyone as we have our own individual creations stirring.  

🕊 The energy is supportive and powerful to free yourself from something that previously consumed you; maybe something you felt powerless over, an unconscious victim energy, or pure overwhelm.

This energy vibration wants you to be fee.  To be released from ‘something’ so you can progress the energy forward. 

❣️ Understand and look at where you are ready to free yourself from something that kept you in the lower road of Pisces energy.  Over accommodating? Feeling indecisive? Clinging to suffering? Taking things too personally?  Face the world (or yourself!), come back stronger… create!!!

❣️ Integrate more of your God (Source) self. Call in and work with your higher self. Notice messages becoming clearer, more vivid dreams, synchronicities around every corner.  Start meditating, or take your practice up a notch.

❣️ Allow Soul contracts to close-out in the the best and highest good for all involved.  Anything that held a big energy (pain!) for you.  These contracts are expiring, dissolving.. they are being transmuted. 

These Soul contracts will feel lighter.  We open to the acceptance of them, and the healing and blessings they brought to us.  Sometimes these contracts bring out the worst in us so we can ‘see’ it.  So much healing offered here for completion. 

❣️ Go up up higher to the place in yourself that is calm and peaceful. The place of serenity.  It’s a beautiful time to call it in!  

What parts of yourself are you ready to Love? What can you see in yourself that is divinely perfect even if your human will would perceive it as otherwise?  

Accept yourself, forgive yourself ~ you are in a different place now. Celebrate how you’ve shifted!

🦋 Dear ones, honor where you’re at.  This is no rush to push through something you are not ready for yet. Trust in YOUR process.  

Step into the loving frequency that honors what is.  The loving frequency that honors YOU. 

Big Love 🖤

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