To Be Human…

To be human is to look far enough inside of you that I see myself. ~Mark Nepo

I realize I have always had a thing for the underdog. Maybe it is because I could see all my brokenness, uniqueness, pain, inquiry, confusion, hurt, and sadness within another. In a way I guess it helped me feel more human. Like I was not alone. What an interesting reminder … or rather, what an interesting, perfect place for me to find that reminder ~ in another.

Over the years I’ve often heard others make seemingly snide remarks or complaints regarding some of these individuals (underdogs) that I was able to connect with and understand. They would question how and/or why I ‘put up with’ or ‘tolerated’ their behavior and personality. I remember when I was a little girl I had a crush on a boy. I must have been about in the 5th grade. You could have considered him a nerd, one that stood outside of the “cool group”. He was fairly quiet and wore those thick black-rimmed glasses.  All my friends would question what I liked about him or why I was hanging out with him ~I guess you could have considered me in the popular group and we all know how that goes (insert frowny wrinkly face) ~ So the only answer that came to me with ease was, ‘because I like him’. It was that simple  I could feel his spirit, I could see his deep inquisitive self. There was so much more to him than what was being seen or heard on the surface.

I have a way of hearing what people MEAN instead of what they SAY. I can hear and feel their intention. So I guess this is what allows me to ‘tolerate’ so much ;).  I know I run deeper than what sometimes resides on the surface. And I know I’ve said things that were taken the wrong way even though it was not at all my intention. Words are only surface. If we are willing to listen deeper to the intention of another and feel what is behind their words, we are often gifted with their authenticity. This might be where compassion starts… or at least an attempt to not get stuck amongst all the words. Maybe the more we hear another’s intention, and stay connected to our own, then the words will rise to become a better match. All said and done, if I look far enough inside YOU I see myself.

I will continue to practice my deep listening so I may hear and feel your authentic intention.  I look forward to more connection …

Big love. ♥

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