Here Now…Writing to a Mentor

On my trail run today at Del Dios it struck me, that even though I have believed this about myself, it became very clear ~ I have a great depth and appreciation for seeing the beauty all around me.

Once I get my legs under me, feel the terrain crunch under my feet and take in a breath of readiness, I begin to catch the beauty of the vibrant yellow flowers that change shape and size as I move down the trail. I notice the multi-colored green rolling hills in the background with massive rocks scattered amongst them like stepping stones for giants. From the mini white trumpet shaped flowers that tuck in just far enough off the trail that would otherwise be missed without a clear presence, to the fuzzy caterpillar that works its way across the trail in front of me.

A few paces later a blessing for the tiny flattened flower that has been graced back into the earth by another moving foot, only to glance up and notice a leaf on the tree in front of me that mimics itself as a stunning orange flower as it is struck by the strength of the sun… All the while moving my weary yet strong legs up Up UP the trail one foot strike at a time, One exuberant breath at a time. As I crest the hill I am greeted by the beautiful sparkle of the lake and the open calmness it represents. I pick up speed spiraling downward and rejoice in the relaxing exhales. All in divine timing, as my body regains its own calm steady rhythm, I am visited by an oversized stunning yellow Monarch butterfly to remind me the essence that I can only ever know…that I am present. I am here now. I matter.

And then I reach the point of ‘turnaround’ ~ in which I travel back on the same trail only to experience and be blessed by an entirely different view and perspective… Ever-changing, ever appreciating.
To forever be in gratitude….

Today I hold gratitude for the gift of a beautiful soul, teacher, friend and ally, who gently assists me in coming back to and remaining in the present moment… who encourages me to keep showing up for myself and trust in my self-love and inner guidance… that gift which is you, a divine mentor.

I appreciate you, Thank you!

Big love. ♥

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